Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Presenting... decorBase!

After two years, the long-awaited is here! Several rounds of graphics, an array of programming glitches, and 15,000 products later... we’ve created a platform where you can find everything you want and need to design your home.

decorBase is really great tool for interior designers, design bloggers, and really anyone looking to spruce up a room in their home. The SHOP feature enables users to search and purchase decor items from a multitude of home goods stores from across the web (West Elm, Serena and Lily, Biscuit Home, et al). And if you’re feeling a bit indecisive or don't know how to Photoshop a fancy rendering? CREATE a mood board so you can see how pieces work together in your room. Or browse our database to HIRE an interior decorator who can tailor your room to your exact specifications.

See how the site works in this super sweet video we had made:
What is decorBase? from decorBase on Vimeo.

To help spread the word AND get design enthusiasts started on their next project, we have a fun giveaway in the works!

Blog, Tweet, and/or Instagram about the launch of decorBase, and enter two win one of three gift cards to the store of your choice whose products are available at!

First Prize: $500 gift card
Second Prize: $300 gift card
Third Prize: $200 gift card

Be sure to tag @decorBase #decorBase so you are entered! Feel free to use the square photo below!

Winner selected Friday, April 18! The more you share, the more you are entered to win!


Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Life lately...

Hey world! (Or maybe I should just say "Hey, Mom!" since, let's be honest, she's probably the only one left checking in over here.) Things are busy as always! Busy but great! This month a bit more so...

I went to California for a few days a week or so ago and came home to a letter from my property management that my rent is going up at the end of the lease. It will be more than I can or want to pay so I decided to move! And it's much easier to find apartments in the off-season (NOT summer, July, when my lease is actually up), so I've decided to move out early.

So this month I am:
- traveling for work to NYC
- showing my apartment to try and get it subleased for May and June
- doing media outreach in preparation for the launch of (next week!)
- writing, memorizing, and giving a keynote to the communications school at Illinois State
- finishing up styling projects and making a few changes around this apartment (bar area, "office," kitchen shelves, art in bedroom)
- shooting my home tour w/ the Stoffers (also next week!)
- immediately after that I am packing up said apartment and moving
- and the usual meetings and work for TEG while trying to maintain healthy relationships outside of work
- oh and my niece will be born sometime between now and the first week of May so a trip up to Michigan is in order

I had a wee little-stress-fest last night quickly quelled by a big bowl of mom's homemade chili and a 9:45 pm bedtime. Up at 6 am to conquer the day! (Yes, I need as much sleep as a toddler.)

What's new with ya'll? Anything exciting happen in my absence?

Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Don't mind me... over here creating myself.

I decided to take up a new hobby. Truth be told I was inspired by this instagram from Dallas Shaw. I saw it and thought, "I want to to do that."

So last night I marched over to Blick Art Supplies in Lincoln Park (well, drove) and snatched up some pretty Prisma markers just like the one in Dallas' photo. Then I saw Blick sold similar markers for a fraction of the price, and well, considering this lil hobby could go horribly awry (ie I lack any skill) or I could tire of it in a week (typical), I figured I'd start with the $1.88 markers instead of the $3.50 markers.

Now, I don't know if you've ever been in a bonafide art supply store, but they make these markers in every color under the sun. "Putty,""Latte," and "Stone" are all different. Fact. And I bought all of them. I could've gone primary colors - cover my bases. But I thought about what I'd try and draw... and one thing stood out in my mind.


So I went with the colors of my favorite city. My mom always said "Paris has its own light."Anyone who's ever been can attest that is true. The color of that city is indescribable. Like you're looking through rose-colored glasses. Everything is softer, hazier, prettier... I figured if I lack any and all skill, at least the colors on the page will be lovely.

So last night, after a late-night meeting with some of the Everygirl editors, I stayed plopped on my sofa, pulled up a photo Danielle took in Paris, and started... drawing? Making it up as I went? Trying to recreate a snapshot of my favorite place.

It turned out ok! I quickly learned I cannot draw straight lines... so instead I just kinda scribble back and forth until a line takes shape. Next, I recreated my living room. Unfortunately, the "Latte" color turned out a lot more pink than beige so the coloring is a bit off... I need to head back to the art store and pick up a proper beige and a lovely gold pen! I think it's really what the living room sketch is missing.

So yea! So far so good. It was so fun, and soothing, and nice to create something NOT on a screen.

Do any of you draw? Or paint? Or picking up a new hobby just for kicks? I highly recommend it!

Friday, February 21, 2014

LCY Yard Sale - Take 2

Well the last sale went so well, I'm selling more things!

Same rules apply:
Email me at with the item name and your offer before midnight on Sunday! 

If a better offer comes in between yours and the sale closing time, I'll email you and let you know, and you have the option to out bid.

Cash and carry within the week. No shipping.

Teal Birdcage
$50 or best offer

Antique Wooden and Marble Side Table (the birdcage is on)
legs are very wobbly; it's an antique, marble top not in great condition but really pretty!
$75 or best offer

$100 or best offer

West Elm metal side table
$50 or best offer

Let me know if you're interested in anything!

Thursday, February 20, 2014

Ladyplace: The Bar

There are a few projects I have to left to complete - one being the bar area in my living room. Let's start at the beginning.

Pre-moving in. Here's the wall we're now working with. Right off the entryway...

Here's a photo shortly after I moved in. Clearly had no direction for what this home would look like. Color, hodgepodge of belongings all over the place... too much stuff for the smaller apartment!

The bar has moved from the Ikea expedit, to Danielle's old entryway table (which sold in my virtual yard sale), to my uber fancy and legit Society Social Worth bar cart. But I was sticking with how I've always styled it: colorful and perty with mint, pink, and yellow accents.

My Society Social barcart arrived in time for Christmas...

Alas, that wall just felt too bare, especially knowing that the tree was only a temporary fixture (despite my deepest wishes for Christmas to be a year-round celebration).

So I rearranged. Again.

And ended up with this...
Much better for the room as a whole! It feels so much more open having the TV against that wall. (And before any of you ask about the couch and TV being perpendicular, I actually love laying on the sofa at night to watch the tele - so this works out perfectly! Even if I'm sitting, I fluff up pillows behind my and have my legs stretched out. This way I don't have to turn my neck to the side.)

Alas - this wall. Still just... meh. 
I've gathered the pieces I haven't known what else to do with (mirror, crystal ball lamp, coffee table books, etc.) Nothing really goes. It needs help.

Well, I had trouble falling asleep last night and let my brain wander the Internet...

A sassy-meets-classy bar for a ladyplace!

chandelier print | boat print | zebra stripes print | spots print | mirror ball | vertical shelves | Society Social bar cart | Ikea mirror | Lulu and Georgia chair (sold in set of two, other would go at my desk) | leopard velvet pillow | "press for champagne" button | Serena and Lily lighting fixture

Almost entirely small companies, women-run businesses, Etsy shops, and artists which I think is very apropos for a small-business-owner home.

And yes - that is a "PRESS FOR CHAMPAGNE" button. Brilliant.

If it all turns out, it will look something like...
Probably need one more piece to fill in that gap but I was eyeballing dimensions of art here so what's on the wall isn't set in stone. Speaking of the wall, note my walls are actually white but look grey in this photo.

So yea! I'm loving this general direction. Sticking with neutrals in the living area and doing color in my bedroom. It works! Can a home have too many gallery walls? Hmm nah... I don't think so.

Yay! Good plan.

Friday, February 14, 2014

Ladyplace: My New Yellow Sofa!

Just like I always wanted!

Like my favorite living room ever (that of one Jenna Lyons).

Well, ok I didn't really get a new couch. But I had a lot of fun in photoshop the other night.

Playing around with different colors to see what it would be like with say... a delicious green velvet couch?

Or pink to really make it a lady apartment?!

But no... here's what my place currently looks like.
Not too shabby if you ask me!

But I sometimes wonder if it would be better with a much lighter color couch. Softer. More ladylike.

Or dare I say a white couch?

No, Alaina. You have dogs. Don't be ridiculous.

What say you? Stick with the the dark grey? Or slipcover it? Pottery Barn has some great light options for the Carlisle couch.

Happy weekend all!


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