Monday, June 29, 2009

2009 Hinsdale Antique Fair

Bright and early Saturday morning, checkbooks in hand, my mom and I headed over to the Hinsdale Antique Fair. I was surprised there were only twenty or so vendors; I thought there'd be more. But this ended up being a good thing because it took us a couple hours just to thoroughly scour all of them. If there had been more, I doubt I'd have left without putting a significant dent in my bank account and a serious sunburn.

I most enjoyed looking at the vintage and antique furniture and home furnishings (compared to jewelry, toys, clothing, etc.), because I'm always on the prowl for affordable, quirky, new pieces that will one day furnish my own abode (and at a more reasonable price than Pottery Barn and other big name stores). Here a couple of my favorite finds:

This yellow table and chairs set circa 1970s for $125.
Affordable - check.
Quirky - check.
Chic - check.

I absolutely adored this antique bed in a worn, light-green finish. It's actually the original paint, it's just chipping off.
I almost bought it but didn't because it was (as all antique beds are) for a full-sized mattress. I own and will always have at least a queen. But for $440, it was a steal. Stores like Anthropologie sell vintage-inspired iron and brass beds for prices circling $2000.
Beautiful detail on the headboard.
Gorgeous garden furniture. If I gardened...
My mom purchased: (left) bee catcher (right) antique wine bottle. You can see the swirl stains from the wine on the glass. As for the bee catcher, so interesting. You fill the inner base with sugar water or honey, bees fly into it from the hole at the bottom, and they don't know how to fly back out. Ta-da! Bees are caught. She, however, will just be placing these on her fireplace mantel. No bee-catching in this house.
My purchases: black-framed oil paintings. I'd love to hang these on a dark wall. Maybe in a powder room painted a dark grey. Again - once I have a place of my own. Minor detail.
Antique milk glass candlesticks. The vendor let me take the hot pink candles. Love em.
All in all, a successful day. Neither of us splurged but we both managed to leave with a few great pieces.

If you like the look of vintage furniture check out these french beds! They look amazing.


  1. What a great way to spend a beautiful summer morning - what wonderful memories you will have of time spent with your Mom.
    Love, love, love your purchases. You certainly have an eye for lovely things!

  2. Thanks for taking us to the antiques fair.

  3. I surprisingly enjoyed this post. I think antiques are pretty cool because for the most part they are gender neutral so I find this most interesting. The trouble with antiques though is it's hard to tell if they are legit. There's this show on PBS where people bring their antiques in and sometimes they got totally ripped off because it looks like an antique but is actually something crappy. Mabye a follow-up post is in order on tips and clues for determing legit antiques. Love the blog!



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