Friday, June 26, 2009

Chair Lust

The other day, while my mom and I were on on our regular voyage to Pottery Barn, I fell in love with a chair. The shape was simple but interesting. And I know it looks like it could be uncomfortable because the seat is deep-set, but it wasn't. It was perrrfect. The only thing I'd change is the fabric. From the busy pink and green floral to a more simple grey or blue. It would look great anywhere: a family room, in an office or bedroom for reading, or two paired together opposite a couch. I assume it's a new piece because it's not yet available online.

Possible Fabrics:

Rococo Slate from Calico Corners because I am currently obsessing over greys

Groundworks Fabric by Kelly Wearstler in light blue or light grey - tres elegant


  1. Love the chair - very Sarah Richardson. I like plainer fabrics myself - easier on the eye. Gray is the new beige.

  2. To be honest, I'm not crazy about the chair. But I'm a guy and I have no style so my opinion doesn't count. I am a fan of the over stuffed, 80's style couches and chairs. They are just so comfy. Sue me, I like them.



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