Monday, June 22, 2009

Judge a Book by Its Cover

Last week, I went to Borders and Barnes & Noble (twice) in search of some new reading. Despite the wisdom of the age-old cliche "Don't judge a book by its cover," I surprisingly found myself choosing what books to pick up simply by the cover art. As a graphic designer and someone who dabbles with photography, I realized and appreciated the importance of the cover design, as I am positive I am not the only one guilty of ever doing this. I found a few key themes that I am most drawn to:

Water Themed:
provides a sense of nostalgia, serenity and romance

Bold Colors:
these books are screaming to be read

Best Photography:
gorgeous and interesting

Best Graphic Design:
text as a fingerprint. amazing.
Most Iconic:
Kurt Vonnegut's signature "V" designed by Carin Goldberg
If you have time to kill or are a fan of graphic design, spend a few minutes (or an hour) looking around this site:

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  1. So which book did you end up choosing?! oh what an atrocious cliffhanger! :)



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