Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Designers I Love: Design Inc. with Sarah Richardson

My obsession with HGTV comes and goes. I am so accustomed to seeing repeated episodes of my favorite shows - House Hunters, Design to Sell, Property Virgins, The UnSellables - that I've almost given up on flipping to that channel. Fortunately, another option for design addicts exists: FNL or Fine Living Network. I know. I had never heard of it either.

My resourceful mother has been a devoted viewer of one designer in particular. Sarah Richardson: a design genius hailing from Toronto, Canada. Her team - Design Inc. - is innovative and intuitive, and I have yet to see a room they've done that I haven't liked. No detail is overlooked, whether it's choosing buttons to sew on pillows or fresh flowers for the mantel/table/nightstand/bathroom counter. When this group arrives, they are bound to leave you with a space worthy of being on TV. Here are some rooms from their online portfolio for your viewing pleasure.

The Mothership - the Design Inc. Office.
I don't see any cubicles... or florescent lighting. What is this magical place?

The Family Zone: Kitchens, Living Rooms, Dining Rooms, etc.
Notice her extensive use of soft, neutral colors. You'll often hear Sarah referencing "the colors of water" as her main design inspiration.

It's like a retreat... only you get to sleep there every night.

You can cancel the appointment with your psychiatrist. Schedule a bath instead. These rooms are sure to eliminate any stress or anxiety. Notice all of them have fresh flowers and chandeliers. Love.

The Pigsty.
Sarah Richardson and friends turned a run-down, dirty, smelly real pigsty (that was falling to pieces on a client's extensive property) into this cozy, kid-friendly retreat. Now that's impressive.

You can check out more of her Design Inc. designs here.

Or here for Sarah's House.

And here for Sarah's Cottage.

Yep. Three TV shows. And my mother Tivo's all of them.

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  1. I love Sarah Richardson. How can we get her and her team to the states? She is amazingly talented. Would love to have her decorate my house.



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