Thursday, June 18, 2009

Style Icon: Lauren Conrad? Verdict: The jury's still out.

The other night, I saw Lauren Conrad (LC from The Hills) on The Tonight Show with Conan O'Brien, and I thought, Wow - the girl knows how to dress. She always looks so classy unlike most celebs her age (and most of her Hills costars for that matter). I immediately began searching for the designer of the dress, shown below, but unfortunately have not had any luck. Not only do I love the light colors and the classic shape, but the fabric pattern is amaaazing. It kind of has a snakeskin look to it.
Naturally, in my search of images of the dress (which I couldn't find so I had to create them from the video, hence the poor quality), other photos of Miss Conrad started popping up. I quickly realized her style is like chocolate and vanilla to me. I either love it or hate it.


I think what went wrong here was, simply put, a horrible and unflattering neckline. Perhaps Mischa Barton or an Olsen twin could have pulled it off - but a person with any sort of chest should stay away from it.

As for this last piece, which she wore to this year's MTV Movie Awards -- the hair, the make-up, the horrible shape of the dress -- all I can say is, edgy gone awry. I am all for experimenting and trying crazy fashions if that's what you always do. But if you have a signature style, sometimes it's best to stick with it.

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