Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Artist Snapshot: Alicia Bock photography

Thanks to my favorite blog of all time - Elements of Style by Boston-based designer Erin Gates - I have found my favorite photographer of all time: Alicia Bock. Instead of trying to describe her work to you, I'll just tell you what she has said about it...

"My photography is the search of light and shadows, pretty things in pink, the feeling of the ocean, and a blue moon. I strive to create photographs that evoke memories of our favorite days."-Alicia Bock

These pieces can compliment any room: bedroom, bathroom, living room, office, kitchen, you name it... it works. There is a wide range of colors - from black and whites to pastels to bright pops of blues or pinks, so there are options suitable for both feminine spaces as well as masculine. And at the affordable prices, I challenge you to pass these up.

I Love Paris in the Springtime album

Botanicals: Viewfinder Collection

Summer in the City


photos from

Her photos are available in a variety of sizes, as well as 5x5in. note cards and postcards.

I have "Flirt" from the Botanicals: Viewfinder collection in my office.
The white frame was $12 from Target. Perfect.

With a Google search, I discovered someone has a similar vignette in their bedroom.

And low and behold, Sex and the City's Charlotte York had three hanging in her updated condo in the 2008 film.


  1. I could hang one in every room. Her photography is beautiful!

  2. beautiful feature! Alicia's photography is beautifully dreamy and romantic, very emotional.



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