Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Artist Snapshot: Laura Trevey watercolors

Waking up to a grey, rainy day in July just isn't right. And summer only truly arrived in Chicago a couple of weeks ago. Far too many days are cloud-covered, wet, or cold in this city. I often find myself day-dreaming about moving to North Carolina, California, or even the South of France. sigh. While I don't see any of those as feasible options in the next couple of years, I'll have to suffice by making the indoors as sunshiny as possible. I found an artist - Laura Trevey - whose work does just that. Her watercolors have names like "Beach Chairs," "Sunshiny Day," and "Summer Breeze." Images of brightly colored flowers, white picket fences, dragonflies and beach scenes encapsulate summer memories that you can hang on your wall and enjoy every day -- even on dreary days like today. For extremely affordable prices, typically ranging from $20-$40, why not add some original art to your space?

all images courtesy of lauratrevey at


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  2. Thanks so much! I am honored and very appreciative ~~

    Have a Beautiful Day!!
    xo Laura

  3. I love your blog. Keep posting please!

  4. Beautiful art. Her use of color is amazing! Thanks for introducing her!



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