Friday, July 17, 2009

Bastille Day celebration

As I mentioned, Tuesday was Bastille Day. In celebration of the French holiday, my mom and I went to our favorite French restaurant: Mon Ami Gabi, a Lettuce Entertain You restaurant located in Chicago, Oak Brook, Vegas, and the DC-metropolitan areas. And just as I predicted, they were in fact celebrating the French holiday. Here are a few pictures from the meal.
**Note** We had to eat really early because of my tennis class, and that's why the patio is so empty.

Pretty good Paris patio knock-off...
flower boxes, cafe tables, red awnings
Champagne to celebrate
Caricatures for free
My second favorite dish there. Salmon and orzo.
My number one is the filet mignon with merlot butter and red wine reduction.
Special dessert in honor of the start of Le Tour. Pastry puff with hazelnut cream, drizzled in almond sauce. We added the side of chocolate. Yum.
Happy Weekend!

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