Monday, July 20, 2009

Grey Days

I am obsessed with grey walls. I feel like I see them everywhere lately - in magazines and on design blogs - and in the short time I've been blogging, this is probably the third or fourth time I'm mentioning them. So when the time came to paint my office, I dappled with the idea of light greens or light pinks (my other obsession). But inevitably, I went with grey. It makes the white and dark furniture pop against the walls, and it just has a calming effect on the room. And perhaps my favorite thing about grey walls are that they look great with any color scheme. Yellow, green, pink, light blues - they all compliment the neutral color.

Office Inspiration
These lamps are similar shape and color to my desk lamp, and when I saw this photo, I was convinced the teal green would look great against grey.
My office
Now to hang the new white, wooden blinds. That will be interesting.

Grey bathrooms
Grey living rooms
Grey Dining Rooms
Grey bedrooms
I love the white architectural detail - it softens the dark grey.
...and grey offices.


  1. OH...MY...WORD! This is beautiful! The only thing it's missing is a fresh bouquet of sweet smelling flowers.

  2. I love the grey. It works well with traditional or modern. Very calming color. The grey makes the white wood pop in your office. Your mom just needs a white desk!

  3. Love seeing grey in interiors. It is so clean and sophisticated...not to mention that it photographs beautifully. The bathrooms and dining rooms you featured are my favorite!

  4. You are absolutely right, the teal lamp looks
    stunning in your office.



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