Thursday, July 16, 2009

OTK: cheap or chic?

In the bevy of emails I get from subscribing to department store list serves, I am constantly alerted to "Fall Trends!" "What's Hot Now!" and many a "Season's Must-Have List!" One trend has taken me by surprise because I am torn: is it chic or cheap? Fab or street-walker? Trend for fall or trend to last the ages? I am talking about the over-the-knee boot, or thigh-high boots, as they are also called. Many top designers have incorporated this look into their fall lines, which means we can expect to see it on all the celebs come October. And regarding the many questions I posed, the answers lie in an obvious three factors: fabric, style, and how you wear it. I explain further down...

Who can forget the makeover reveal in Devil Wears Prada when Hathaway walks into the office wearing her sky-high, leather Chanel boots?

On that same note, who can forget the poster for the beloved Pretty Woman?
Eeeek. Case in point.

A few other celebs who love the look...
The always fashionable Kate Moss
The not-always fashionable but definitely trendy Lindsay Lohan
And others...

Here are a couple rules I've decided make the look less outrageous:
1. Shiny leather - whether it's faux or patent - is a resounding "no" with this look. See Pretty Woman poster.
2. Show little to know skin. Best to wear these with skinny jeans, a skirt that meets the top of the boot, or dark nylons.
3. No embellishment. Avoid OTK boots with fringe, clasps, snaps, anything.

Here are a few of the looks I've seen...
Christian Louboutin
On a final note, you know a trend is going to be big when the more affordable brands, like Nine West shown below, start copying the looks of the big-name designers.

Well, the good news is I don't like the Nine West take on OTK, and I can't afford the other options (the Christian Louboutin platform is my fav), so I don't have to decide on whether this is something I want in the upcoming season.

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  1. You make a good case for the OTK boot. It definitely looks better with little to no skin and without embellishment. I would add though, that the look is more appropriate for a young woman as opposed to someone in my age group.



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