Thursday, July 9, 2009

Small Space, Big Style

Studios are quite the practicality when it comes to urban living on your own. And they are not just for the underpaid, recent-college grad. Rashida Jones - daughter of Quincy Jones (can't quite fathom how much that man is worth) - resides in a one-room+kitchen in Manhattan. Does she have another house in LA? Yes. But that's besides the point.

I think studios are great because they force you to get creative with the space and furniture you have. You've got to think practically. It forces you to trash the pieces you've been hanging on to but really have no use for. And perhaps the best thing about it is that you're forced to keep it tidy. After all, it is the one and only room your guests will see. Unless you really don't care, in which case, why are you even reading this blog?

That being said, I am confident declaring Rashida's space the best designed studio I have ever seen. Allow me to introduce you...

Readers, meet Miss Jones.

You've probably seen her in The Office, NBC's new Parks & Recreation, and the hit comedy I Love You, Man, opposite Paul Rudd.

The Layout

The doorway on the top right of the drawing is the entrance to the apartment. The door on the top left is the bathroom. Notice that the way the bed is placed against the wall, sort of like a daybed, allows it to double as seating for guests.

The Room

Behind the blue curtains next to the window are shelves for more storage. I think it's genius covering them up. Otherwise it just adds more clutter to an organized space. Plus it doubles as a window treatment.

Love, love, love this couch.
What would normally be considered an uber-fancy design is made more casual by the fabric and bright pillows. A white or neutral color is always a good decision for a sofa because you can change the look of the room by switching up the accent pillows and throws. See here for pillows.

I like the vintage details -- the fan and the table it's on, as well as the lines of the chair.
Another item of note: it makes perfect sense having the two white tables because they can be placed together to act as a coffee table in front of the couch or you can move one closer to the chair as an end table. How very practical!

The black Panton chairs give the room a much-needed contemporary vibe to counter the French-styled sofa and chair.

Great lighting of your studio can create depth and space, try Bright Lightz to get the lighting look.

A closer look at the details

Storage behind the curtains. Even though it's hidden, it's organized and looks chic in the colorful boxes.
And more storage. So pretty you almost don't need to hide it.

Before and After
I found these on another blog and found them so very inspirational. It has kind of a trash-to-treasure thing going on, no?
I think both photos show less is more - particularly when looking at the cluttered mantel in the before photo.

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  1. nathan remaining cluelessJuly 10, 2009 at 7:53 AM

    what about a guys studio? I know your target audience is women but we may need some design tips too ya know?!



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