Monday, July 6, 2009

Something to rest your head upon

Anyone who knows me knows of my recent obsession with West Elm. I've always had an affliction toward modern furnishings, a style in which the Williams-Sonoma branch specializes. But recently, I have learned to appreciate what blending the old and new can provide: an eclectic, unique, and thereby more interesting space. That being said, I am constantly on the website waiting for new items to come in and older styles to go on sale. Great news. Their summer sale is in full swing! Among the many outdoor items and summer accessories, WE has a great selection of throw pillows on sale.

Replacing throw pillows on couches, chairs, and beds can give a room a quick, updated look at a low cost. Maybe just the thing you need halfway through summer. I know... I can't believe it's July either.

I am crrrazy about Ikat anything. In grey...
...or in green.
Fun for summer, indoor or outdoor.
Love the school of fish pillow.
These two look like art on a pillow.
Bright, bold graphics add a punch to the neutral couch
we all own and love.

I know. These look like an old sweater. That's the point.
Lutz & Patmos is in award-winning, NYC-based luxury knitwear brand that has just branched into home furnishings -- exclusively at WE.

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