Friday, July 31, 2009

Staying at the Avenue

I plan on spending my entire weekend in the city. That's right. I am removing myself from the green, happy place that is Clarendon Hills where children frolic happily in the streets and people leave their doors unlocked.

I'm thinking... cocktails, dancing, beach, walks on the lakefront, more cocktails, and sleeping in at this four-star hotel, AVENUE Hotel.

Hotel lobby. Love the Barcelona love seats. Could do with different rugs.
I spy a zebra accent chair.
A bity Euro trendy for me. Then again it is a lounge.
Macs make me smile.
How sweet would this be if I was five? Or had a 5-year-old?
(Weird. I retract that last statement.)
double sigh
As always, happy weekend!


  1. oh how wonderful this shall be! if only they had dog beds and provided dog snuggies. if only...triple sigh.

  2. Is it weird I live in Chicago, and I never notice any of the hotels?

    I am so excited to see you and Nate tonight! Also, I love your blog. For the decorating challenged like myself, it is great. : )



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