Friday, July 10, 2009

Design Challenge: Studio Redo

As a follow-up to yesterday's post (and in response to one confused male reader's comment), I've decided to change up the design of the brilliantly laid-out studio apartment belonging to actress Rashida Jones. I tried to stick with the main pieces seen in the below sketch, but I provided a toned-down color palette for a female space and a more contemporary look for a guy's place. I hope this helps you, my sole male reader. (Just click on images to view them blown up.)
The Inspiration

Studio Redo: A Lady's Place
2. Dining Table actually
9. Bed
11. Chair
12. Rug

Studio Redo: A Guy's Place


  1. oh thank heavens there's a guy version now!

  2. i think ive asked this before but it'd be much more helpful if you used that website link where you can click on each piece and it redirects you where to buy. can you reformat or is that too much work?



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