Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Style Icon: Kate Middleton? Verdict: Definitely.

UK's Sweetheart and probable future Princess of England - Kate Middleton - sure knows a thing or two about dressing well. Whether it's her natural knack for fashion, a nod to the late Princess of Wales who always looked flawless, or a high-paid stylist that sets this girl on the right track, Middleton is rarely seen with a hair out of place. What I find most amazing though, is how someone can appear so pulled together while still looking relaxed and natural.

I'd hardly call her look gutsy or diverse, but why dapple in the unknown when you've got looking good down pat? I give Middleton's sense of style two thumbs up. If I could, I would most definitely raid her wardrobe. After all, as icons like Audrey Hepburn, the fictitious Charlotte York, and the late Princess Diana herself showed the world, class never goes out of style.

The KM Uniform:
Simple top, fitted blazer, skinny jeans,
and one fab pair of knee boots combine to create a classic look.

Recipe a la Kate with a twist:
Exchange the skinny jeans for a short plaid skirt
and some black nylons. Voila!

Impeccably tailored suits and coats make the perfect ensemble - formal yet feminine - for official events with her heir-to-the-thrown beau.

A fedora and graphic prints? This girl can pull off trendy, too.

And then there are the hats... oh! to live in England where it is acceptable, actually required, to wear fun, feathery hats to weddings. I know most Americans probably think they look silly, but I love them. And Kate looks gorgeous in them.


  1. I love her. In England, almost everyone despise her, especially because she is about to be the future Queen of England. I envy her style, she looks gorgeous ALL THE TIME. I heard that she's a muse for one of the spanish designers...oh la la...:)

  2. Funny, this was written ages ago, and I just stumbled upon it. I think she's uber-classy. She looks so natural and yet elegant. And I totally agree with your part about hats and her wardrobe! :)

  3. I just stumbled upon your blog and I love your descriptive style. I too find that class never goes out of style; why ruin something that is already great? Which is why I admire her class-act style.
    Also agree with the previous post, I love hats and wish the style could move here too.



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