Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Tennis: A Lady's Game (save for Andy and Roger)

Tonight I begin tennis lessons. I signed up for an adult-class by myself. (Everyone I asked is out of town at least one of the weeks the class is scheduled. Coincidence? hmm...) Instead of feeling awkward or nervous, I am so excited. Carpe diem, no? I've always wanted to learn how to play, it's great exercise, and to sound like a complete airhead, I love the clothes. Most sports are tailored toward men looking good in uniform... i.e. baseball - love the hats, football - love the pants, rugby - love the stripes. And then there's tennis. Tennis was made for women. The skirts, the dresses, the sunglasses, the polos. It's all so darn cute. Seeing as I've never seriously played tennis in my life, I had nothing appropriate to wear. So I made a quick trip to trusty Dick's Sporting Goods last night and grabbed a Puma skort and polo. Coincidentally, when I looked at Puma's website to find the items I purchased, "tennis" is not listed as one of the sports they make clothing for. Uh oh.
***Correction: The clothes I bought are Slazenger, not Puma. In my defense, the logos look VERY similar.

Here are a couple other outfits I'd love to get, if the clothes weren't so expensive.

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