Monday, August 24, 2009

Baby Shower a la Kaczmarski

This weekend, my mom and I had the pleasure of welcoming guests over for a baby shower. A longtime family friend and soon-to-be-grandmother of a baby girl asked that she use our home to host the shower for her daughter-in-law. My mom gave her a resounding "yes!" Fortunately, it was a small shower (16 guests), so fitting three tables into our living room was not a problem. Living room furniture was moved out of the house, and rented tables, chairs, and linens were brought in.

Pink bassinet cookies for the guests came from Toni's in Hinsdale. The gorgeous sterling silver tray was borrowed from a good friend.
The centerpieces consisted of three sky-high, white candles and a flower-filled cement urn (which were beautifully arranged by the host's sister). Large pink hydrangeas sat in the center.
The white Apilco dishes, antique sterling silverware, and glassware belong to my mom, a great collector of basic, timeless pieces.

A single hot pink hydrangea noted the expectant mother's seat.
Pink gifts surround the mantel.
Dessert was served buffet style in the dining room.
Amazing white chocolate mousse cake from Toni's. We added the berries.
Living room from another angle.
More flowers on the way to the porch.
Cocktails and hors d'oeuvres were served on the porch. Yay for being sunny and 73 degrees!
Champagne, anyone?


  1. Wow, the whole place looked STUNNING! Bravo.

  2. Normally I make silly comments even though I'm always impressed. But I don't even have a silly comment for this one. This is the pinnacle of beauteousness.

  3. so lovely, I am sure everyone had a great time. MB

  4. This is really lovely! Your eye for design is amazing :)

  5. Picture Perfect!!! I think that says enough. : )

  6. Your home is gorgeous! I hope the shower was as beautiful as the set up. what a lucky mommy-to-be!

  7. What a beautiful home! You did such a wonderful job!



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