Wednesday, August 19, 2009

For the Little Ones

Word of baby showers and newborns keep popping up on my radar. One of my friends just had a baby girl of her own, and I cannot describe how much fun I had picking out a gift for the little lady. It was also a bit of challenge. There is no way to know what other people have already given, what style the parents are after, even what size to buy considering how fast babies grow. Alas. There is a single answer. Baby Gap. It is affordable and oh-so cute.

I went with this preppy, fall ensemble for the new New England gal.
More classic black and whites from the Sabrina collection. Two-tone cardigan, black leggings, and girlish details. Perfect for a lady of any age.
Naturally, these darling, faux-Mary Jane tights tempted me...
Baby Gap also has an amazing green line. How apropos for a member of the new, destined-to-be eco-friendly generation. Start 'em young, I say.
And for the new gents of the world, there are great basics, as well.
And once Miss Lily is a bit older, she'll be receiving gifts from the mecca of fashionable kids' clothing. Crewcuts.
Pretty in pink.
The look on the left is my favorite. The dress. The glasses. The bob. Love it.
And for him... casual cool.
Men of all ages should own a navy blazer and a peacoat. Write that down.


  1. These are the cutest baby clothes ever! Your babies will be the best dressed babies of them all.

  2. oh the boys clothes look adoreable. Its especially nice to savour those because I rarly see a well dressed boy.

    Love the first one for a baby girl. It's so Stylish and fashionable and not gaudy and cliched.
    Oh! and the colour salmon! pink is so overrated.



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