Friday, August 7, 2009

A Happy Kitchen

I saw this image of exposed shelving lined with colorful, mismatched dishware and it made me smile. What a happy kitchen! Think of all the bright colors to choose from instead of grabbing the same white plate every day (not that an all-white kitchen isn't gorgeous). But I think this type of dishware is perfect for all the female readers I know. Especially those, like myself, who can't quite muster up the energy (or courage) to cook. Think of how much more you'd enjoy your meal if it's served on something like this?

Where does one find such beautiful, colorful, bohemian dishware?
One word.

I adore the ikat bowls, athough I wish they did some in lighter shades.
Need an A mug for my morning tea. Or to sit atop my desk filled with white pencils.
Is that server real??? Yes, my friends. Yes, it is.
Think of how gorgeous these teal and red pieces would look together on a table?

1 comment:

  1. beautiful!! i wish i had a kitchen like that first photo. i'd love to have miss-matchy things but my boyfriend is neurotic and has to have everything that matches. beautiful site!!



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