Wednesday, August 26, 2009

I want his job.

Not sure if any of you are fans, but I am so excited for season 3 of Gossip Girl to premiere on September 14. I recommend watching this show for the clothes alone (that and Blair Waldorf's offensive, honest, and absolutely hysterical one-liners). Think Sex & the City meets Devil Wears Prada fashion... done up high school style. Albeit no high school students I know dress like this. Below is a clip from GG stylist Eric Daman on what's in store for the show's bombshell blonde, Serena van der Woodsen, played by Blake Lively. And yes. I love every item he shows us, especially the Marchesa gown.

Can you imagine having his job? It's like dressing up real-life dolls all day.

And a shout-out to my girl, Blair Waldorf, who single-handedly makes the show what it is. Here she is in the season 3 premiere showing off just how fab hats can look.

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  1. I 100% agree! I am obsessed with Gossip Girl, and all of the characters. I wish I could be one of them or just be with one of them...cannot wait!!!



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