Tuesday, August 25, 2009

PB Fall 2009: Not so cookie-cutter

The fall 2009 Pottery Barn catalogue just came in, and more than a couple items caught my eye. They are interesting, rustic, and look less like the cloned PB rooms popping up in homes across America. A few items of note...

This looks like it was found in an old warehouse. Definitely doesn't have the "cookie cutter" look like most PB pieces. It's decided. I want it.
Adorable? Yes. Ok, I want these, too. I am thinking for above my desk, although I'm not even sure what to put in them...
I question how many people actually have use for this. Either way, it's great.
These scream New England fall to me. Even if I live in Chicago.
A few light fixtures that made my jaw drop. I think people often forget how crucial lighting and lighting fixtures play in the design of a space.

These are great for a bathroom. Above a desk. In a kitchen. Anywhere, really.
How frickin' cool is that? Except when the time comes to dusting it...

They are fairly expensive, but they give bathrooms a grande, custom look.

This one made me laugh. PB is selling "Found Oversized Wine Bottles" from restaurants in Central Europe for $99-279. Why is that funny, you ask?
Because my mom paid $10 for this one at an antique fair two months ago. Know when to splurge and when not to.

And finally, for those of you like myself, who consider Halloween their favorite holiday of the year, Pottery Barn gets it right. Not too fancy. Not too chintzy. But juuust right.

Candles are essential in setting the mood for the spooky holiday. Especially pumpkin-shaped candles.
Fabulous front door. Reminds me of the movie Hocus Pocus.
Is it weird I love that faux crow?
The galvanized serving pieces work in the summer, fall, or spring.

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