Monday, August 17, 2009

Summer Escapes

With August's foot halfway out the door, you can't blame me for clinging to summer memories and thinking of ways to pleasantly fill the rest of my weekends before it's time to pull out the jackets. While I love the change in seasons here in Chicago, sometimes I daydream about living in a warm climate and waking up to the sun on my face day in and day out. But that'd get boring eventually, right? Yea... keep telling yourself that, Alaina.

Raining today. Dreaming that tomorrow I'll live somewhere like...

Maine coastline
I want to sit here with my best friends and a glass of lemonade. Or a margarita.
Love lighthouses.
I have no doubt there is a view of the ocean on the other side of this house.
I love how grass surrounds this pool instead of stonework.
And when water is not around, I'll take a gorgeous garden in which to frolic.
Out of a storybook, no?

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