Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Closet Cases

Closet space is always a concern when looking at real estate or new apartments. And in cities, it's hard to come by. When I was looking at condos, I considered it a win if the bedroom closet was 5 feet wide instead of 2.5. Extreme, I know. But hey - beggars can't be choosers.

The images below depict a different kind of extreme. Extreme dream closets. In fact, they're not really closets as much as they are separate rooms, complete with furniture, chandeliers, a decor all their own, and plenty of square footage to boot.

My favorite. The architectural details of the doors paired with the bevy of neutral colors makes this a dreamy combination.
J.Crew creative director Jenna Lyons turned a bedroom of her Brooklyn brownstone into her closet/dressing room. I spy a lot of familiar J.Crew shoes...
Smaller but perfectly organized and luxurious. I love the color coordination. And the double-x mirrored doors.
Not crazy about the shelving they used, but I love the shape of the entryway. Very girly space.
A closet with a window. Sigh. This is another fave.
Looks more like a boutique dressing room than a closet.
I've seen this in several places - a center console to hold jewelry and bags. I'm not crazy about it, because again, it reminds me more of a store than a personal closet.

Famous Closets
Who can forget Carrie Bradshaw's has-anyone-ever-seen-a-New York-apartment-with-a-closet-like-that closet?
Not-so-desperate housewife, Eva Longoria shows off her wardrobe complete with designer gowns and half the shoe department from Bergdorf's.
Heiress Nicky Hilton in the closet she designed herself. Such a pretty space, but red hangers? Really?
Perhaps the most famous closet after being shown on MTV's Cribs, Mariah Carey's monstrosity takes up several rooms. This sector is just for her shoes. My favorite part about it are the boots lining the bottom shelf. The rest is a tad too... gold for me.
Actress Jessica Alba. Another collector of shoes. And hats, apparently. Notice how the shoe shelves are spaced out in varying widths for flats and for the sky-high heels.
Who says you need a mansion in California to have a fab closet? Olivia Palermo - New York socialite, antagonist of MTV's The City, and apparent real-life Blair Waldorf - turned the office of her new one-bedroom apartment in NYC into a spacious closet. She even used The Container's Store Elfa system to organize it. Look girls! She's just like us! Minus the designer wardrobe and trust fund. Oh right. That...


  1. Fun post.I think the pink ottomans and leopard rug are great accents to the closets.

  2. Such a great post. Never mind the fact that most of those closets are bigger than my bedroom...I think the one with the double X doors is my favorite- it's luxurious without being so over the top that the closet looks like a clothing store.



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