Tuesday, September 15, 2009

A Fresh look

For the most part, I could not care less about beauty products. I always skip that section in women's magazines, finding everything to be overpriced and quite frankly - a scam. I mean really. How many "breakthrough anti-aging formulas" are there??? I've been using the same cleanser and moisturizer (Cetaphil - same as Ashley Judd, and have you seen her face?) for years. But I'll admit, when I am getting my hair cut at the salon, I can't help but gaze at the pretty packaging of the $35 shampoo bottles they have for sale. Fine. I'll admit it. I've even bought some! And I was extremely disappointed. There was no difference between what it and the $4.50 Herbal Essences does to my hair.

That being said, there is one overpriced, luxury beauty brand that caught my attention. And I fell in love. Hard. The brand is Fresh, founded by husband and wife with their original oval soap collection (see below). These gift-like, oval packages are what caught my eye while darting through the beauty department at Neiman Marcus in an attempt to avoid being unwantedly splashed by a perfume lady. To this day, I have not bought one mainly because I wouldn't want to unwrap it. But I have amassed a collection of their other products. It's like a personal day at the spa whenever I use them. They use health-beneficial materials like soy, sake, milk, umbrian clay, and brown sugar, and I highly recommend the brand. And if you just can't manage the splurge on yourself, they make great gifts for the women in your lives.

Alas, this post is SUPPOSED to be about the graphic design of the Fresh packaging. As you'll see, they began with the oval soaps wrapped in wildly whimsical and colorful prints, but quickly transitioned to a muted, simple design. I love it all, and it's how I do a lot of design projects myself.

I especially love the simple look of their website. I am a sucker for pale blue.
More of the basic design. It just radiates Clean. Simple. Fresh.
My favorite of their scents: fig apricot. Weird, right?

The first product I bought from Fresh. I needed an exfoliator and after trying several samples (courtesy of what is now one of my favorite stores - Blue Mercury. I know, I know... it's a beauty store... but it's just so pretty!), I went with Fresh. This exfoliator is "enriched with revitalizing brown sugar and antioxidant-rich wild strawberries." It smells just as good.
Sake Bath.
I'll have to rely on their website to tell you about this one.
"- Sake increases circulation and body temperature, inducing a purifying sweat to eliminate toxins, while active enzymes soften the skin and even skin tone
- Pine extract promotes easy breathing as pure ginger renders muscles pliable and relaxed
- Inspired by geisha who perfumed their baths with real peaches, an infusion of exquisite peach absolute makes for an unparalleled experience."
The price-point is insane, but it works! My nana even uses it to soothe her arthritis.
You leave the shower feeling as soft as a baby.
A few items where they deviated from their all-white packaging. It still works.
SPF obviously needed a tan look
The packaging for the Sugar Rose lip polish (amazing!) needed a rose tint
And their Umbrian Clay toothpaste needed the look of... well... clay.


  1. They have the prettiest packaging of them all.

  2. The brown Sugar polish is the best. We all sampled it when we were visiting Cassandra in San Fran. Fresh has a store right up from Martha Angus offices were Cassandra works.



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