Friday, September 11, 2009

Get the Gossip Girl look for less

Get out your credit cards, ladies. On second thought...

Anna Sui has designed a Gossip Girl-inspired clothing line that is hitting Target stores today to coincide with tonight's GG Season 3 premiere. Below are previews and reviews of what to expect.

Blair and Serena

Serena Van der Woodsen
Upper East Side "It" Girl
While I love Blair Waldorf, Serena's clothes are hands-down the coolest on the show. Always changing, always sexy, but never lacking in comfort, her outfits incessantly make my jaw drop. There is always an interesting seem, or embellishment, or zipper placed somewhere unexpected. I wish I knew of a website that listed all the pieces the characters wear in each episode so that I could have some idea as to where I can find these amazing clothes. (Then I need to win the lottery in the hopes of affording them. But still.) This is my favorite of Anna Sui's lines, even if Serena does wear A LOT more color than black and white.
Serena wears a lot of cool vests. None of them look like this.

Blair Waldorf
Upper East Side Princess
Think lace, headbands, argyle, Audrey Hepburn, and every stereotypical image of the Upper East Side. That is the look of Blair Waldorf. And most of the time, I love her wardrobe as much as Serena's. Sui definitely channeled the ultra-girly, ribbons & lace, prepster motif that comprises much of Blair's style, but what is with that lace number below? And come on, Target stylists... no headbands?

Jenny Humphrey
Aspiring fashion design from Brooklyn
As an aspiring-fashion designer who "makes her own clothes," Jenny Humphrey's outfits are always a bit eccentric, usually bright-hued, and uber short. That is, this girl wears A LOT of minidresses. And I mean mini. See above. While Sui hit the nail on the head by sticking to above-the-knee hems, that's about all she got right. Out of the Jenny-inspired line, I'd say the only one worth considering is the first ensemble. Then again, her character is 15 years old, and maybe I need to look at this from a younger point of view. Hmm.. no. Still ugly.

Vanessa Abrams
The home-schooled girl from Brooklyn
Think anti-Upper Eastside. Vanessa's wardrobe is filled with vintage, thrift-store finds that probably don't have any kind of label sewed on the back of the neckline. Some of Sui's pieces could be cute if it was not all orange and brown. Lucky for me, I found a picture of Vanessa wearing the 70's-inspired, Happy Days hue to make the Target line more convincing. I do like all the boots.


  1. These girls look like dress-up dolls with these clothes on.

  2. Great idea! I always love the outfits they are wearing and I wish I could have their clothes!

  3. nice-graet-the best!its the best i see since
    the sex and the city-dress coulektion!
    i´m living it!



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