Thursday, September 17, 2009

A Grand Entrance

I absolutely love when staircases are the main focal point of a house. Most of them appear in your face as soon as you walk through the door. And they can either awe or bore, depending on the width, architectural detailing, and shape. My favorites are when you can see the underneath of the stairs, as shown below.

A Swedish Mora clock (like the one in Something's Gotta Give), a ceramic garden stool, floor mirror, and whitewashed stairs. So much to love in one space.
Iron railings and tiled steps give this entryway a Mediterranean feel.
Sky-high ceilings and another Swedish Mora clock. And look at the light coming in that window... you can never have too much natural light, I say. What's with the ugly carpet?
Even a basic set of stairs, like this narrow one in a colonial-looking home, can be spruced up to make a statement. Painting the walls (and steps!) the light shades of white and blue brighten up the otherwise narrow and windowless entryway.
The collection of paintings hanging above this staircase exude the feeling of being in a museum or grand estate house in the English countryside.
Love this elegant stairway, but the leather ottoman has got to go.
Another gallery-styled wall follows the guest up the stairs. I particularly like how they used this metal railing in lieu of the traditional wooden banister. And of course I'm oogling the pink ottomans.
Look at the spiraled banister railings. Gorgeous and whimsical at the same time.
I feel like I've just stepped into a grand Parisian apartment.
And a country home... exposed stone is the new exposed brick. At least it should be.
Double woah.
Simple and elegant.
This staircase is set to the left of the doorway as you enter the house (see doorway on left of image), so it does not have the initial impact as we are looking at it. But I think that makes it all the more interesting.
More white wooden railings. Very Nantucket - a look I never tire of.


  1. My favorites are the winding wooden one which is over the top but pretty and the white one minus the leather ottoman. If you could only have 1, what would it be?

  2. Ooooo tough question. I think my favorite shape is when it goes up, has a landing, and then goes up more and you can see the underneath, like in the first image. But I prefer the colors (white!) in the third to last photo - with the grand piano in front of it. So I think I'd choose that one. But I also love the one I described as a Parisian apartment.

  3. What a great collection of images! Some of them are my favorites. I have been in the house with the mora clock and the ugly rug, and I remember thinking the same thing! The family has young kids, and all I can guess is that maybe they were emphasizing the practical over the beautiful.

  4. I can only imagine how challenging decorating becomes once kids are in the picture. I have two dogs and it's difficult enough (mostly keeping them off light-colored furniture when they're hyper). Hah. Thanks for that bit of info though!



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