Monday, September 21, 2009

Style Icon: Olivia Wilde

I don't know when I started enjoying awards shows, but for one reason or another, I do. And while watching the Emmy's last night, I was in awe of actress Olivia Wilde's [House] Marchesa gown. Not only was it innovative (that is a sheen fabric wherever you see skin around her chest, abdomen, and back), but it was also stunning - a tricky combination. And she looked stunning in it, standing out among the waves of beautiful celebrities walking the red carpet.

The detailed leaf-like pieces of fabric give the gown its ethereal look.
While I love exposed zippers, it does not work here making this is my least favorite part of the dress. I think a zipper up the side would have been better with just a sheer back.
The Marchesa gown was unveiled on runways just last week as part of the designer's spring 2010 line. I think Olivia looks a million times better. This lady just needs a cheeseburger. But that's my two cents.
Other sparkly gems Olivia's rocked
My other favorite. Very old Hollywood glam. 2008 Emmys.
2008 Golden Globes. Love the color.
You can get a ton of use out of this one (if you were a normal person and not being photographed everywhere you go).
Two other timeless looks I love...
All bundled up and still looking fab. My scarves never look like that. And how great is the hat?
Casual and cute.

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  1. I don't like the back of Olivia's dress. She might as well just do backless if she's going to have a skin-color back. Just my two cents.



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