Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Wish List: West Elm parsons desk in glossy white lacquer

The West Elm parsons desk is everywhere. I see it in magazines, designer's portfolios, and in homes of fellow bloggers. I've even convinced a few of my best friends to buy one. But I keep struggling with whether I should bite the bullet and purchase one, as well. Don't get me wrong. I want one. It's timeless and chic, but I'm not sure it provides enough desk space (and I like a lot of desk space). But then again, I could always use it as a counsel table or in lieu of a nightstand... hmm... to buy or not to buy? That is the question. Here are a few favorites of the WE parsons:

Featured in Domino, the parsons desk is used in the living room of Jessie Randall and Brian Murphy, designers of Loeffler Randall

Some other knock-out rooms:

The designers from Robyn Karp Interiors frequently use the white parsons.

Courtesy of Flickr folks:
As a counsel table in this mod space
White lacquer parsons, Louis ghost chair, and pink orchid. Check, check, and check! But still, this space could use some sprucing up. i.e. Why is the desk flush against the wall and not centered in that nook?
Cute - love the lamp duo.
It used to come in red! Another counsel table.
Pretty chic minus the cord hanging down. I give this a thumbs up.
I adore the mini parsons desk. Perfect for apartment dwellers.

Bloggers Love Parsons Too!
As shown yesterday, Michelle Adams of M. A. Belle has the white parsons in her NYC apartment.
Sherry and John of Young House Love blog day and night from the comfort of their white parsons.
I have a hunch a blogger works at this desk. But I could be wrong.

The Mini was featured in InStyle:

I cannot tell if some of these are the West Elm parsons, but they definitely have the same look...
The parsons can even transform a closet into a workspace.

Carrie Bradshaw's apartment makeover in SATC movie featured a similar, white lacquer parsons desk.

Normally $329 but currently on sale for $299.

Currently available in the following colors:

A few retired colors... pale blue and mint green.

My friend bought a West Elm parsons replica from in black for $149.99, but I believe it has since sold out. They still have it in red for those of you looking for a pop of color.

WalMart has a smaller parsons for $49.99! It comes in white, black, orange, and indigo.


  1. LOVE this desk. Just painted my walls grey and the blue or green would look perfect. Too bad they are retired....

  2. Annie - Oh, how I love getting comments. So thank you! You can always go with my fave - WHITE! And just accessorize the wahooties out of it in whatever color theme you decide to do in the room. Besides, white and black are great investment pieces because they'll technically "go" with any color scheme you design here on out. That's my two cents!

  3. I like the dark red or if they had black I'd prefer that. But that's more masculine look I guess.

  4. I just got mine today in wheatgrass. I love it! It is doubling as a desk/vanity with a big mirror leaned up against it. Such a great piece!

  5. I really want the wheatgrass but cannot find it. Let me know if you have any leads!

    I wanted to see what you know about the green and white ottoman in the photo beneath your caption, "The West Elm parsons desk. Normally $329 but currently on sale for $299." That would also be awesome in our guest room. Thank you!

  6. I really like the red, so I'm contemplating buying the one from Overstock. How does your friend like hers? What's it like? Is it worth the purchase, or should I give up on red and go with the white from West Elm? Thanks!

  7. Anna- I bought the white one from Overstock and it's almost exactly the same as the WE. The only difference is that it's not shiny and it has a matte look. Great price and fast shipping.

  8. Thanks so much for this posting! We were already wanting to get this desk - you have inspired us to definitely go for it! I love the WE one, but we move a lot so I want something a little less expensive. We are going to try the Finely one in espresso from CSN for now and hopefully one day when we settle in one place get the WE one...



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