Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Designers I Love: Urban Grace Interiors

Ready. Set. Get hooked.

Urban Grace Interiors. A blog. A design firm. A legend. Okay, I'm slightly exaggerating on that last part, but by the comment count on any one of her blog posts, Erika McPherson Powell of UGI is on her way to being a legend in the blogosphere. Her eye for design is inspiring. No detail is overlooked in her projects. No room feels unfinished. Just read about what's gone into decorating her newborn girl's nursery. Seriously... read it... You hooked yet? I don't recall how I found her blog, but I was immediately sucked in by the photography. She and her sister, another fellow blogger of Fly Through Our Window (online, daily proof that she has the most beautiful babies in the world - no offense, rest of the world), have amazing cameras and amazing skills. I can't even pinpoint what's addicting about their blogs. They just are.

I'll leave you to look through those on your own time. Just remember to come to little, ol' LCY every once in a while! As for Erika's keen design eye? Well, let's have a look, shall we?

Shelves in lieu of upper cabinets and a plethora of soft, neutral tones = my dream kitchen. And how fun are the blue knobs on the white cabinet doors? Now if only I knew how to cook...
Pretty bathrooms.
Talk about a great room. My eyes keep bouncing from the plentiful seating, to the gorgeous stone fireplace, to that staircase. And then there's still the bench... the square coffee table... the rows of books.
I can think of a gagillion and one reasons why this room is great for families. But my favorite is the thought of how much fun young girls would have utilizing this space for slumber parties... ahh to be young.
Who knew faucets could be so gorgeous? Erika uses these "bridge" faucets frequently. Alas, their beauty comes at a cost. I saw one by Newport Brass that cost over $1000! And to think this kitchen has two. Not fair.
Do the contents of anyone's refrigerator really look like that? I didn't think so. The glass-doored fridge: pretty in theory, impractical in reality.
Love the contrast of the dark wood with the light colors everywhere else.
I want those dressers.
The juxtaposition of the entryway (farm bench and wood-paneled wall) to the dining room (Victorian chairs paired with the sleek, simple lines of the chandelier) epitomizes Town and Country in a single viewpoint.
If only I had this for my "gorgeous staircase" post! Reminds me of the staircase in the Practical Magic mansion (if you've seen that film. which you most definitely should. seeing as it's Octooober).
The best part of this space? The oversized, bronze pendants.
A dainty chandelier is a must for a lady's bathroom.
I love everything about this space. The colors, the lamp, the tree branch table. All it's missing is a footrest, a copy of Pride and Prejudice, and me.
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  1. oooh, just followed the link to her nursery- what a lucky baby! Love the crib bumpers.

  2. I love the little baby's room. Oh how wonderful!

  3. The first few pictures of the kitchen are exquisite! I never would’ve thought to put shelves in leu of kitchen cabinets but it makes the room feel more open and spacious! Great blog post! I’m now going to spend the rest of my afternoon looking at pictures!

  4. I tell ya, putting a few white hydrangeas in a room, it's the magic touch in anything! Great it!

  5. I agree. Flowers are the finishing touch in any room, be it a bathroom, office, or kitchen. If you like white, stay tuned for tomorrow's post on all-white rooms! And thank you! I have a lot of fun doing it. : )



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