Thursday, October 8, 2009

Getting white right

When it comes to all-white rooms, there is a fine line between serene perfection and stark hospital room. The key to ensuring a comfortable, home-y feel without being too drab is to mix and match shades of white with creams or greys, and accessorize, accessorize, accessorize. Creating layers adds depth to the simple palette and makes it far more interesting to the eye.

Case in point. Look at all the details.
The colorful books successfully break up the otherwise all-white room.
Interesting that your eye goes to the chest and mirror versus the fireplace mantel. Odd choice. Good thing it's so perrrty.
Obsessed with that wallpaper.
Not sure I'd ever get out...
Boy do I love me some marble countertops and subway tiles.
Beautiful vignette on the windowsill.
So much to blog about in a single photo. Oh wait. I already have.
Would you believe me if I said floor mirrors are on the list of things to come?
All-white kitchen in a London flat. Does it get better than this?
Can't decide if I'd rather jump in that tub or that cushy bed? Hm... decisions, decisions.
Not sure I'd change anything about this kitchen. Big fan of the round pendant lights.
Country roads... take me home... to a place... like this living room!
Gorgeous architecture adds that much needed depth to this room.


  1. Loving the white bedrooms- so serene! And that London kitchen is gorgeous- the counters!

  2. I like that kitchen too...but I could see everything getting dirty real easy.



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