Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Memoirs from a trip to IKEA Chapter 2: the sheepskin rug

My favorite thing about the blogosphere is the sharing of inspirational ideas, well-researched information, personal experiences, and well, cheap finds! Let's examine that last point further, shall we?

After seeing the IKEA Rens Sheepskin rug in the homes of fellow bloggers Erin Gates and Sherry and John Petersik (and looking up the price: a measly $25!), I purchased two of my own on Sunday. (First post on items for the new apartment - check!) While I'd love to put them on the floor to cozy up my feet, I have no doubt my dogs would make a bed out of them. So I am using them over the back of furniture, as shown in the photo above; a great nod to the changing seasons I think. Plus, if you've ever touched sheepskin, you know it's the softest thing on Earth. Here it is:
You can also get slightly larger versions: one for $39.99 that also comes in grey and one that I cannot find online for $80 or so.

Below, you can see it on the dining table bench in the living room/dining room of Young House Love bloggers, the Petersiks.
Here, Elements of Style blogger, Erin Gates, put two together alongside her bed.

a few other rooms featuring a sheepskin throws...

and sheepskin rugs...
these last two are actually six sheepskins sewn together


  1. Thanks so much for the shout out! And what a lovely collection of sheepskin pics. Mmmm, so cozy!

    Sherry (& John)

  2. The photo of the living room looks like it's out of the catalog. Our place will look oh so lovely, I can't wait!

  3. What a great purchase- and so versatile. Seeing all these pics makes me think you can have the rug in a different room each month...

  4. After I read this post, I thought you may be interested to discover (assuming you haven't already!) the Kanata Blanket Company (www.kanatablanket.com). Their faux fur/leather and alpaca/lambswool throws are amazingly warm and have that carelessly elegant look when draped across a sofa/chair/bench, etc.
    Would love to know your thoughts!


    PS: Despite what this comment may sound like, I promise that I am not a sales rep for the company! I just love their throws!!

  5. Thanks, Gigi! I just checked it out. Woah do they look soft and comfy. But are there any that are fluffier? I really love the West Elm and Pottery Barn faux fur throws because of how fluffy they are... maybe I'm not looking in the right place.

    Thanks for the tip!



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