Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Modern art

To say I love a good "before & after" is putting it mildly. Whether it's a home renovation, a makeover on a person, or a doctored photo, I am often fascinated by the changes presented before me. I'll spend an absurd amount of time looking at the altered details, analyzing what exactly makes up the drastic (or subtle) transformation, kind of like one of those "can you spot the difference?" puzzles in the newspaper. I came across this photographer on Flickr (my new favorite website) and just had to share his work with you. Some people argue that these images have been edited making them unoriginal meaning they are not art. But I think it's perfectly fair to classify this as a new breed of modern artists. Photo editors. They are creating something beautiful with the tools they have, in this case, a blah photograph and some expensive computer software, which let's be honest, I have Photoshop, and I've never changed a photo quite like this before...

What he does to skies is amazing.
This is my favorite.
I love how he completely alters the mood of the image
all photos from crashmattb on Flickr

You can check out more of his work here.

What are your thoughts? Would you call this art?


  1. the first picture is my favorite, if you ever find out how he contrasts the colors like that...please let us know!

  2. My favorite is the fourth one down, the bridge. So cool! My only gripe is when pictures are photo-shopped to the point of distortion. For example, the picture of Katie Couric where they made her look much thinner or the TIME magazine cover of OJ Simpson where they made him look much darker and menacing. With that said, I welcome the next generation of photography.

  3. I really like the one with the barn structure. I believe this is art...because he has the eye and the heart to know how to improve a setting to become more appealing! Thanks for sharing!



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