Friday, October 9, 2009

Slip into one of these

The slipper chair. aka lounge chair without arms. When I first saw these, I thought, "How uncomfortable... where are you supposed to put your arms? How are you supposed to lounge in that?" And to a certain extent it's true. They really should not be the primary seating if lounging is, indeed, the main purpose of the room you are furnishing. But if entertaining and conversing are among the list - the original purposes for a living room - these babies answer all your questions. They don't take up much room and are fairly easy to move around if you need to squeeze more chairs by the fire. Slipper chairs work best in pairs, either grouped together or flanking either side of another piece of furniture (normally a coffee table). I recommend folding a throw over the back or adding a big square pillow to give it that extra oomph!.

Why am I posting about slipper chairs, you ask? Because I cannot get over the adorable and affordable collection at Target (see below). Perfect for apartment dwellers, those will smaller rooms, or anyone looking to add even more seating to a space (but can't squeeze in a big arm chair or love-seat).


Ranging from $159-$299, these chairs are available in...
Ikat. "It's so hot right now." Ikat.
...Queen Anne's Lace - feminine and pretty...
...quirky and fun branch patterns...
...bold graphics...
(I used the light blue one in this living room design)
...and finally, animal prints. These neutral tones could go in any colored room.

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