Wednesday, October 7, 2009

When did I fall in love with pink?

As a young girl, I always chose purple over pink, insisting my room be painted lilac over the blush tone my mom had picked out when I was too young to decide for myself. For the latter half of my life, I've been a devout yellow girl. But now, I can't help but be tickled every time I see pretty pink things. Well, let me rephrase. It has to be just the right amount and just the right shade and in just the right places for me to coo over it. I can't think of anything worse than too much pink (i.e. did anyone see Ryan and Trista's wedding a few years back? the most poorly spent $4m I've ever seen). But this kitchen. I just had to post it. I love it.

What are your thoughts on pink?

1 comment:

  1. There is something to be said of art that inspire as seen through the eyes of one with a cultivated perception, unfortunately I’m not the one best able to say it but I’ll say this. You my dear have an eye for the divine. I will follow with interest and appreciation.
    Also you have my vote,



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