Tuesday, October 20, 2009

You can be regal, too!

I began a search to find affordable yet regal purple-hued home furnishings. To my surprise, I didn't have to look far. Recession-friendly retail store, Target, has just what you need to add some regality into your life.

Love love love this Target Rug
these Purple Chargers will spruce up any table
As will this deep purple serving tray
Adding a purple Silk Stripe Pillow or two could add just the touch you're after
How amazing is this Mode Darcy Wallpaper? Looks extremely high-end. But no. It's Target!
Great statement piece for the center of a living room - the Regent Tufted Ottoman
Target has amazing bed and headboard collection at great prices. All of these come in a variety of colors (in case purple isn't your thang.)
The shape of this Clybourn Loft Chair scream Mad Men. I think one of these would rock in just about any living room, study, or bedroom.
Can't forget the Willow Upholstered Chair I featured here.
Oooo - fancy. Love the rich, eggplant hue of this Curves Chaise Lounge.


  1. OMG- Target has wallpaper?!?!?! Off to look!

  2. Alaina,

    Well, I have been tossing and turning over what color to paint my headboard. I recently redid my bedroom - I painted it Benjamin Moore's Timid White (a great relaxing color!) and added some black and off white accents & furniture. I tried a few different pinks for the headboard, but none worked. I couldn't figure out what to do! And then I read your purple posts this morning. Genius! Thank you for the inspiration!!

    Love your blog!

  3. This may sound trivial but I really like the two part series. This is a great follow-up and it's especially nice to have a recession friendly post. Regality is attainable for all!

  4. Love the color purple it is a close second to navy. The London upholstered and purple tray are great.

  5. Gigi - Thank you so much! I'd love to see (and post!) before/after pics if you're willing to send them my way! Email them to alaina.lcy@gmail.com

    Colette - I noticed that all of their wallpapers are online only. But they do have quite a fabulous selection!

    Thanks for all the comments! They make my day.
    : )



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