Thursday, November 5, 2009

10 Reasons to Love "The Proposal"

If you haven't already seen Sandra Bullock and Ryan Reynolds' The Proposal, rent it ASAP. Despite both of their innate talent for delivering pithy comedic punch-lines, the film's set decor and scenery (set in Sitka, Alaska) make this 90 minutes of pure eye candy. Here's a list of top ten reasons why I love The Proposal.

1. The House/property/view
3. The guest bedroom with nailhead headboard and footboard, fireplace, and amazing view.
4. Rainboots lining the deck
5. Fur throw over the couch (and Kevin, the fluffy puppy)
6. no explanation needed here.
7. Sitka harbor with snowcapped mountains in the back
8. Storefronts in Sitka
9. This twisted carved banister
10. A canopy of twinkle lights leading to a romantic wedding in a barn
*all photos from The Proposal from Touchstone Pictures*


  1. I loved this movie for the same reason! I loved how dark the guest room was with the curtains closed- I want to stay there (with a side of Ryan Reynolds, please)

  2. Glad I'm not the only one who can't keep her mind on the plot when the scenery is so beautiful. I couldn't even tell you the plot of "Somethings Gotta Give" because the house was so fabulous.

  3. I like the multiple chimney's in the first picture. There's nothing like a slow burning fire in the winter!

  4. As an Alaskan I need to point out that those shots of Sitka where filmed in Rhode Island, if I am not mistaken. Sitka is beautiful though... just not quite in the same way as the New England store fronts shown in the film.

  5. You're close. Those scenes were filmed in Rockport, MA. That red shack that says "welcome to Sitka" is generally referred to as " motif #1", and is widely regarded as the most painted building in America.

    The mountains in the background are superimposed into the shots.



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