Thursday, November 19, 2009

Artist Snapshot: Donna Geissler photography

If you're still undecided on those hard-to-shop-for friends this holiday season, I've saved you all the trouble of running out to shops, incessantly searching only to come up empty-handed, and ending with another Starbucks gift card. Photographer Donna Geissler is having a sale on her photographic prints: $20 (usually $35) if you buy before December 15! One, two, three, even four of these would make a great gift for the new homeowner or apartment-dweller, sibling, parent, cousin, or college student in desperate need of prettying up those dreary dorm rooms.

Geissler's ethereal prints exude a relaxing and happy mood, putting a smile on the viewer's face while recalling memories of summer vacation: swimming with friends, walking the beach, sipping iced tea... just grab a few cheap frames and you've got a beautiful, affordable, unique and most importantly, thoughtful gift. OR if you're anything like me, you're just about done with holiday shopping and you'll buy some as a gift to yourself!

Geissler's print matted and framed (matting costs an additional $20 and fits into an 11x14 frame which I've seen at Target for $14 in black, white, and dark brown)
Surprise, surprise. I absolutely ADORE the dog series...
Isn't this the best?
Doggy paddle!
You'll notice these next two prints have a textured effect. Geissler explains: "My latest art includes digitally painted and handpainted photos. The textured European photos were taken in the early 90s so my memory of it all was very vague. I felt the need to dab areas with various digital paint brushes and colors just so I saw it as I remembered it - kind of as a dream (just as in Someday I'll Return- Gondolas). I loved the look, but really wanted stronger paint strokes, so I painted my own strokes on paper with real paint and digitally mixed it with my photograph. (as in Waiting). I love this look and plan to continue in this direction."
Yes, I'd like to be sitting there right now... with hot tea and a croissant, writing in a journal rather than typing on a keyboard.

And if a matted and framed print is above your budget, grab this 2010 calendar for just $20!

**On a final note, Geissler has a beautiful collection of black and white prints that I didn't feature along with many other photos of Europe, the waterfront, flowers... So browse around her Etsy shop until you find something you like. It's sure to impress.

*all photos by Donna Geissler*

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