Monday, November 23, 2009

Designers I Love: Divine Design with Candice Olson

HGTV's Divine Design with Candice Olson is one of the few shows on that network I can bring myself to keep watching. And it's rarely on. Sorry, but Olson is one of the few talented designers I've seen on t.v. Well, her and Sarah Richardson. Anywho! I can't quite fathom the inflated budget her clients are working with because the details, quality, and work that goes into creating these masterpieces is no Design on a Dime. And it shows.

All of her rooms go above and beyond the details most designers overlook, leaving no corner untouched and no pillow unfluffed. But they never look cluttered. Just complete. Like the room has been that way for years. Enjoyed by families and friends as they take in their beautiful surroundings. Her creations are timeless and elegant, beautiful yet practical.

But enough of me talking. Let's have a look...

Her flawless and detailed sketches are amazing to look at. Sometimes - albeit it rarely - they're even prettier than the room itself!
I spy a fur throw (hopefully faux), zebra rug, and lucite tables. Couldn't have done better myself... well. Actually. I'd change that art.
Love the architectural detail she added to the ceiling around the chandelier.

I love this fun backsplash. But knowing me, I'd get bored and want something different in two months. Still, this kitchen is practical, warm, and relaxed.

...with bookshelves
...and with an elliptical...

What Candice Olson can do to a basement is beyond me... she makes these underground, cement cell blocks look as beautiful as formal living rooms and as comfortable as beach house family rooms. Have a look.
Basement Before/Afters
Click on image to see the before picture insert closer up.


  1. I love her, too! She always creates such serene rooms. I wish they would give the budget these families are working with so I could say "THAT'S why my house doesn't look like her designs"

  2. I would be perfectly comfortable handing Candace Olsen the keys to my house and letting her makeover the entire thing. If only I had the resources!

  3. Great post! I completely agree - Candace has impeccable taste. The first picture you posted is my favorite - I loved that episode. I can't imagine what the rest of that couple's house looks like if that is the dining room (it's huge!).

    I just found your blog and I am so glad I did!

  4. Absolutely agree with all of you! Happy Thanksgiving, ladies!

  5. I love Candice and her designs. Compared to the many competitors, she's definitely "way ahead" of the competition. All of her layouts are breathtaking, from the layout, design, color blending,and functionality, words are simply not enough. I would feel so comfortable giving her the keys to my home and doing her magic.



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