Monday, November 30, 2009

Girls room, hold the pink

An LCY reader wrote in yesterday asking for help:

"Have a tight room with two girls. Need a loft bedding set that's not girly looking and space for additional storage. One prime feature that it not be wider than 80 inches. Can you help me out?"

Mission accomplished. Dear reader, if you are seeing this, I was unsure whether you wanted two loft beds with space underneath or a set of bunk beds. I went with the former. IKEA's STORA loft bed stretches just shy of 80" and retails for $299, quite affordable compared to other loft beds I saw. The desk and dresser, when placed next to one another, should just fit in the space under the bed. And for accessories, I steered clear of pinks and ruffles, instead opting for vintage details: a glass vase lamp, framed album covers, and an embroidered throw pillow.

Links, prices and information for all items are available by clicking on the image.


  1. You can find a good variety of loft beds by doing a google search for "loft bed". There are many more than just what IKEA has to offer.

  2. Love, love the room you put together. What a smart reader to ask for your decorating advice!

  3. Oh how lovely it looks

  4. I went to IKEA's website and did find the loft bed I'm looking for. Now I just have to sell the girls on it. I'm hoping they will go for it as this will allow them to have seating in their room for guests. By the way, their room is in teal and it turned out great. I'me looking at Target for nice chairs and ottoman -- I've found several.

    One more question. I have a large dining room table that is 120 inches long. The existing fixture, from previous owners, does not go. I like the Pendent Lamp/Chandelier from West Elm, but I need it to be a longer base. Any suggestions?



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