Friday, November 13, 2009

I heard what you had to say...

*photo by selphie10 on flickr*

...and I wrote back! My favorite thing about blogging is that it offers an open forum for ideas. Communicating, offering advice, and meeting new people are some of the most valuable benefits of this community. That being said, I responded to just about all of the comments people posted this week (and will try to do this at the end of every week). Thank you so much for all your kind words!

On another note, I am constantly working to improve LCY and make it better for you. A few changes you may have noticed include:
  • Facebook scroll in the right-hand column - join now!
  • Twitter scroll - while you're at it, why not join this too?
  • Fancier-looking Labels - ooo so pretty.
  • One-question survey - ooo power to the people.

Regarding the latter, I will be adding a new, quick survey each week and I'd appreciate it if you took 2 seconds to fill it out. I think (hope) it will be very beneficial. For example, I had no idea so many fashionistas were reading LCY... so I'll definitely try and post more in this category. Hope you like the changes and the comments!


p.s. check back at noon for a fashion post!


  1. It's the new and improved LCY! Also, Patrick D. says he loves the look look!

  2. Such a pretty picture to accompany your post! I voted at right---love your posts about interiors! Things are looking wonderful over here, wish I knew how to spruce my own page up. Hope you have a great weekend!!!
    XXX Kate

  3. HELP! i'm trying to decorate my office at work and i need advice on cool artwork pieces....note* i love maps...if we could incorporate a world map of sorts i would be grateful! ive been searching for a great wall piece and have had no luck...thank you!



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