Wednesday, November 11, 2009

The Look for Less: Parsons desk

Wahoo! Thanks to a discerning and very good friend of mine, I learned this evening that the West Elm parsons desk look-alike is back at! You can get the same look for half the cost of the WE desk ($150 compared to $299). And at the risk of sounding like a discount carpet store commercial, hurry! These won't last. The desk is available in black, red, and my favorite, white.

*Note: I had already encouraged another friend to purchase this desk in black a few months ago, and so you know, the quality is excellent and super easy to assemble.


  1. It's definitely stylish but personally I like a bigger desk. However, a smooth surface is crucial.

  2. I love this desk! Only $150?! That's amazing! I really like your blog - I'm following you now!

  3. Nathan: I agree about wanting more work space. But I so love this desk.

    SoCal: It is an amazing deal! I've been looking at desks for a couple months now, and it doesn't get much cheaper than this, especially when you consider the quality. And thank you, thank you! Feel free to spread the word!

  4. Hi Alaina! I love your blog, I read it every morning with my coffee. I am strongly considering purchasing the parsons desk for my home office, but am having a hard time envisioning how I would set up my computer on it. I have a newer imac, so I don't need to worry about the PC tower, but will need to connect wires to the cable modem box and outlet. Any suggestions?



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