Friday, November 20, 2009

New Apartment sneak peak

Tomorrow I will hopefully be signing the lease on the new abode! I am so excited for this place. At around 1400 sq. ft., this unit features two bedrooms plus den, with eat-in kitchen, living room, dining room, big back deck, and a brand new bathroom. I know. Amazing!

Here's a sneak peak. These shots were obviously taken at night, but the unit gets great light (a must for me after living in a "garden" unit for a semester in London). It just needs a little TLC; I've been thinking paint colors all week. IF all goes as planned tomorrow, you'll be seeing a few "New Apartment" posts next week. Have a great weekend. Wish me luck!

Living room/dining room (the front door is on the far right of this image)
View of dining room upon entering the apartment
More dining room
(doors left to right: entrance, bedroom, hall that leads to kitchen and back bedroom)


  1. Even the night shots with no furniture look great. Congratulations on the new home.

  2. Looks great! Is it in the city? Which neighborhood?

  3. Hi! Great place, hope all goes well tomorrow.

    I had to stop over and say hi after I saw your reply on Erin's New Moon Critique over at elements of style. Thank you...I totally agree with everything you said about Jacob and Edward. I have been pissed at Edward ever since he left Bella. Jacob is way more my style. And I've always had an affinity for wolves:) (I read alot of sci-fi/fantasy.) Thanks for being on my team:)

  4. It's in Lakeview near the Southport Corridor. I just drove around the neighborhood the other day and love it! I'm so excited! I just hope it all works out tomorrow. Fingers crossed!



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