Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Call me Crafty.

I am always surprised by what posts get more comments than others. Yesterday's on the beautiful, vintage-looking snow globes and the Gaggle of Geese measuring cups from the Anthropologie web site received quite the reaction! The good news is I attempted the task at hand. The bad news is it does not have gorgeous Anthropologie jewelry shimmering inside of it.

Let's begin.
After making a trip two different craft stores, I found small glass jars (but only bought one, and a tiny one at that), gold glitter, white glitter, super glue, and the toughest ingredient to locate: winter figurines. I discovered the sled and barrel in an old box of dollhouse furniture in our basement.
Clearly they weren't getting much use and thought they'd be better off placed in a snow globe.

Step 2. I sat down...
with popcorn, a movie, and my puppies to attempt this possibly disastrous craft. After all... super glue was involved.

Step 3. I applied super glue...
to the bottom rim of the jar and sprinkled translucent beads around until they all stuck. I waited. Then I applied glue to the bottom of the snowman and held him in place against the bottom of the jar for 20 seconds. I repeated that with the tree. This took about 4 minutes. So I let them sit until the end of the movie until they were really, really dry.

Step 4. Add glitter and water.
Unfortunately, I added a tad too much glitter. It was just so pretty! Then I added water until it nearly reached the top. Again, I think I was a bit overzealous here also.
I lined the top of the rim with super glue and twisted the cap back on.

Step 5. Accessorize.
It does look pretty among the twinkly lights on the fireplace mantel, no?

As you can see, there is a bit too much "snow" (glitter), blocking a good part of the tree. Mental note to self for snow globes 2 and 3: ease up on the sparkles.
And yes there will be 2 and 3... what else am I going to do with all those hard-to-find Christmas figurines?? Besides, I am determined to get this right.

So... how'd you spend your Monday night? : )


  1. It looks lovely. I like the shape of the jar. Keep at it. Go to your local ACE hardware store and they have a tone of small figures -- at least by my ACE used for villages.

    My measuring cups are on their way. Thanks again.

  2. Very cool. You should make comb sheaths next.

  3. Howdy Alaina,
    This is Ben..."the seller of fine craigslist chairs"...haha. I had to google your name before I sold you the chair to make sure you weren't really some murderer...and I found this cute little blog and you passed the 'not a murderer test.' My lady and I are both artists/crafters/designers so I'm glad the chairs went to the right gal. Just thought I'd share and tell you to have a nice life. Hope you're new place is starting to feel good and cozy for the holidays. Sorry if this message is coming off as kind of random and creepy. Take 'er easy!

  4. Ben, no worries! Not creepy at all. At the very least I have another blog reader. : )

    Just wait to see what the chairs look like now... well actually, I've only finished one. Apparently you should only paint when it's between 50-90 degrees. So that's not working out too well at the moment. I'll hopefully post about them next week! Stay tuned. And thanks, again!


  5. Did you think about glueing the figures to the lid?

  6. Hey Alaina, Im not sure how much they cst but those jars look like the ones from ikea for their spice rack, i believe they come in a 4-pack...FYI



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