Monday, December 28, 2009

Here's to wishing every day was Christmas

Christmas at home. There's nothing quite like it. I grew up in a small town that celebrates the tradition of luminaria - not sure if you know what it is, but there's a picture of it below. It's really beautiful and one of my favorite things about Christmas Eve. Unfortunately, it rained this past Thursday, so our luminaria didn't extend past our front porch (pictured above). Still made for a pretty picture.

And here's a little glance at the holiday decor in my mom's house...
twinkle lights, fresh greens, and santas adorn the mantle

wreaths on the armoire

The tree.

And some of my favorite ornaments:
Absolutely love this. It's a real leaf dipped in 24k gold. If you hold it up to the light you can see it is transparent. Really beautiful, unique, and not expensive. I'd definitely recommend getting one!

This extra delicate (I would know - I broke mine many years ago :( ) Christopher Radko ball reminds me of a stained glass window.

Another Christopher Radko - a jolly Santa

I made this at a Christmas party when I was 5, and it's still hanging in there...

This is a pretty ornate, sparkly crown. I don't know where it came from, but I love all things sparkly. Ergo I love this ornament. (It's probably another Radko.)


Christmas morning breakfast
a fancy table doesn't mean fancy food

Cinnamon rolls and bacon. Mmm delish.

Both the red & green crystal ornaments and the dessert platters they sit atop are by William Yeoward. My mom actually met him a few years ago when he presented his collection at the Neiman Marcus nearby, and she was able to introduce me a few months later when we visited his store in Knightsbridge, London (during my study abroad). Absolutely gorgeous shop - definitely recommend going there if you happen to be in London any time soon. I pretty much wanted the entire store's inventory.

Great way to start the day.

And just before I sign off on Christmas 2009, I wanted to share this fantastic tree with all of you. Let me preface this by saying the owner and decorator of this nautical tree is one of the best hostesses this side of the Mississippi, learning pretty much everything from her equally talented and creative mother. Both are collectors of antiques and all things beautiful, so this is a real treat that we get to see inside her home (even if the lighting isn't the best). She is a good family friend who works at Chicago Home + Garden magazine, and this year, she decorated her tree with a nautical theme. I'll let her explain:
"My husband is an avid sailor and this was a big year for him race-wise. So, I decorated a tree in the sailing spirit! I used nautical rope as garland along with red and blue beads and ornaments. I hung 17 sailboat ornaments along the with a few copper balls to add a little bit of interest. I'm now excited to collect more nautical ornaments as this was the first year I started this!"

I am not sure if this is one of two or more trees she had in her home, but I love it either way! Have any of you ever tried a themed tree? The closest my family ever got to that was a 'kids' tree and a 'fancy' tree. AKA popsicle stick ornaments and colored lights on one, breakable everything and white lights on the other.

Well, that's a wrap! I hope you all had a lovely holiday weekend!

I'll be moving today and tomorrow. Wish me luck!


  1. Thanks for the lovely visit chez vous - looks like a wonderful Christmas.
    Hope you had the very happiest holidays!

  2. Oh so pretty! My family eats on that same Lenox china every Christmas. My mom bought some every year for my grandmother and it now belongs to my mom. Did they discontinue making it? If not, I should really continue the tradition and keep adding to it.

  3. lovely post ~ your table settings are so festive. Good luck with your move - welcome to the city! :)

  4. Your mother's home looks warm and charming. What exquisite taste! You must have many fond memories of the holidays. It's no surprise a family friend would love all things beautiful also. Thank you for inviting us in.

  5. Your mom's home is absolutely gorgeous! I'd never heard of the luminaria tradition---I wish my hometown had something similar. Glad you enjoyed your holiday Alaina!
    XX kate



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