Tuesday, December 1, 2009

The Holiday heels

Wow. It's December!

I am sure the invites have already begun rolling in for holiday parties. And I am sure many of you are frantic to find yet another sparkly dress (which I do love) or holiday-appropriate ensemble that will hopefully turn the heads of all those folks you see once a year. But here's my advice: forget the dress shopping. Make life easier and grab that basic black you purchased after reading time and time again that "an LBD is the number one thing every woman should own." (And if you have YET to invest in a basic black dress, look no further than Ann Taylor. They have plenty of cute styles, including the one shown above, for holiday-friendly prices.) Once that's done, the fun begins. And all you need to do is add a pair of show-stopping heels and you're good to go!

You'll notice I chose shoes with some embellishment, either in the form of ruffles or sparkle, to pack some punch to the basic black dress. And the best part is that any color goes with black... try red, gold, blue, purple, bronze... literally anything. The shoe will pop against the neutral ensemble.

Not your average Christmas red...

Kind of badass. And it's Burberry. Who'd have guessed?

Silver and gold...

Who says you can't look smoking and be comfortable? Try some fancy flats to make the long night more bearable.


Rock star love


And finally, the inspiration for this post...
I just watched the SATC movie for the umpteenth time and love Carrie's pre-Vivienne Westwood philosophy on wearing a simple wedding dress with fab accessories. Can you believe these sapphire satin pumps are still available for purchase even though the movie came out a couple years ago? I do love them. If only they were a ninth of the cost they currently go for.


  1. I like the oscar de la renta...but that's coming from someone that isn't a big fan of shoes. I have the same work shoes from a year ago.

  2. I love the gold crackle JCrew one. Great post!

  3. oh my. that torrence sandal. Those shoes and I could really go places! Great stuff - just added you to my blogroll at Decorology.
    See you around!

  4. whoa whoa whoa - and they're only $39! It is meant to be!

  5. Nathan: I think you have great taste. Sometimes. ; )

    DE: Thanks! And I agree about the gold heels. But then again, I love pretty much anything J.Crew does...

    Haha I know! What a great deal. And thank you for adding LCY! : )




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