Thursday, December 17, 2009

Kindred Spirits Countdown to Christmas: Ashley of Smitten Design


On the 8th day 'til Christmas, we meet Ashley of Smitten Design:
First off, I should admit Smitten Design is a recent find. Nevertheless, I had to ask Ashley (pictured above) to take part in Kindred Spirits, because like most of my other blogfriends' blogs, I was... drawn in... per se. It was just a couple weeks ago when I serendipitously stumbled upon Smitten Design, and the main page featured two of the images you see above: the perfectly tailored (and ruffled) white slipcover accented by just the right amount of yellow. And the picture of "Edward." Not Robert. Edward. There he was in a post that had nothing to do with either Rob Pattinson or Twilight, with the caption "Edward, how'd you get here? You can you stay you little cutie." I just cracked up. Who was this blogger and why are we not friends? was my initial reaction. Well, for starters, she lives in Florida. But I am glad to say Ashley and I are in agreement that we likely would be friends if 900+ miles didn't stand in our way. Even if I do love Jacob over Edward. So, readers, meet Ashley of Smitten Design. My newest blogfriend.

1. My home isn't decorated for the holidays until...
my Christmas shopping is done and
the gifts are wrapped and under the tree.

2. My holiday spirit soars when I hear the song...
"All I Want for Christmas is You" by Mariah Carey
and "O Holy Night" by Matt Wertz.

3. If I had to be anywhere but home on Christmas, it would be...
what's the weather like in Chicago right now? It instantly became my favorite city when I was there in July, and I wouldn't mind going back.
**editor's note: heck yes Chicago is awesome! you should all visit! but maybe wait 'til summer**

4. My favorite Smitten Design holiday blog post was...
Christmas Present Ideas. I have been to several John Mayer concerts and a couple of Michael Buble concerts and they have a magical effect on me. Like when you wake up with a smile on your face and it takes you a minute to remember why you are smiling so big - do you know what I mean? It's fun to hear back from the bloggers who are also fans of their music.

5. My favorite non-Smitten Design holiday blog post was...
my eye on the next project and I really enjoy Eddie's
willingness to share the "how to."

6. The number one gift on my wish list this year is...
I'm trying to talk my husband into the need for a
pillow-topped, king-sized mattress...we'll see how that goes.

Thanks, Ashley!


  1. I'm so sorry to disappoint Michael Buble! Thanks for including me Alaina- I can't wait to see the next 8 days.
    Merry Christmas, kindred spirit.

  2. I'm loving these posts ~ and absolutely adoring the kindred spirit playlist ~ how wonderful!

  3. Eddie Ross is the best! He has helped me with plenty of projects and design ideas.

    Love these posts!



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