Monday, December 14, 2009

Where the Ork are we?

I absolutely love these city borough posters by Ork Posters! They make great gifts for loyal city dwellers and/or folks who have just relocated and could use a hand learning the neighborhoods. A number of U.S. cities are available and a Toronto poster is coming soon. Each city is available in a variety of color schemes and can be purchased as a poster ($22) or a screen print ($35). Dimensions vary but most are between 18" and 24" - square or rectangular, depending on the city.

**Note: Ork World Headquarters are open in Chicago through Wednesday, December 23 at 3759 N. Ravenswood Ave., Suite 133. Other store locations are shown here.

Ork Posters' newest items include a map of the heart and brain. Kinda weird, I know, unless you have any med students in your midst. I actually love the brain poster - neuroscience was one of my favorite classes in college (shocking, I know). This little guy would help keep me sharp on some of what I learned that semester.


  1. ALthough some are hard to read, they are pretty awesome lil buggers!

  2. The typeface reminds me of Knock-Knock office stuff. Very fun!

  3. These would make such great gifts! My sister would love the one for San Fran (she lives there). Do they have any for New Orleans?

  4. These are really cool! It's definitely nice to learn all the little neighborhoods in these cities. I could use the DC one!



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