Thursday, January 28, 2010

Alaina's in Mexico and needs a guest blogger take 2: Emily of Emily A. Clark

Thanks so much to Alaina for asking me [Emily of Emily A. Clark blog] to do a guest post while she's away, basking in the sun. Since I'm sure she'll bring back lots of great vacation photos (to make us all green with envy!), I thought this would be a good time to share my love of gallery walls with you. Although not a new idea, they are a lovely way to share your family photos or favorite artwork while making a big, and relatively inexpensive, statement on that huge bare wall that always stares at you. While not everyone can afford a huge piece of artwork, a large grouping of frames can have the same dramatic impact as the focal point of your room or hallway.

While I love the look of the eclectic gallery wall with all shapes, sizes and subject matters. . . .

Lately I've been feeling the uniform, symmetrical displays (maybe due to the general lack of organization in my own home!):

But, let's face it - to achieve maximum impact, you need a lot of frames and a lot of frames can add up, even at $10-15 a pop at places like IKEA. So, I'll share my source for cheap frames (and do-it-yourself mats): the 2-pack utility frames at Michael's craft store. These may not be a secret to most, but I just discovered them a few months ago and love them! They are metal and come in white and black and can easily be spray painted. You can get the 11 x 14 size in a 2-pack for just $7! Then, just walk over a couple of aisles to the poster board section and pick up a 5-pack of the 11 x 14 size and you have instant mats. No, I don't cut them out; I place the photos right on top of them. It may not be the proper thing to do, but it sure is fast--and a huge cost-savings!

Here's a small collection I recently did for my daughter's room:

And, another collection of the frames for a client's room that we painted hot pink:
Need more ideas on what to frame? Try searching Ebay and Etsy for vintage postcards, magazine covers, photography books, colorful note cards or even old sheet music. Go bold, and go big. The possibilities are limitless!


  1. Thanks for the idea. I've been need to frame some maps and this is affordable!

  2. loving all these pics! especially how you painted the frames pink in that last one. great post!!

  3. now I now what to do with my plain and huge wall over the stairwell. thanks for sharing

  4. These images are fabulous and there are a few that I've actually never seen before! Great post!

  5. This was great, thanks! Putting together a gallery wall over my couch is my weekend project. Will be going to Michael's!

  6. these are all great, but i'm a big fan of the first photo. i hope to some day have a wall like that!

    so glad you did a guest post!

  7. Great ideas for the frames and especially loving the creativity with the mat. So easy, love it.

  8. I love the idea and these walls look great! Thanks!

  9. Such a fun guest post! Nicely done---love all the dining shot in particular with the large white mats. Gorgeous!
    XX Kate

  10. brilliant- I will be making a micheals run soon!! Love the hot pink ones .

  11. **** Absolutely A*D*O*R*E your blog~~~~ Just wonderful!!! Delightful to the eye AND the creative part of the brain, AND, oh, how I love the symmetrical approach w/ pics~~~ so very cassic!!!

    You are NOW"officically" one of my FAVES!!! Thank you!~~~~ WONDERFUL!!!!

    Linda in AZ *

  12. Thanks for the tip. I love the hot pink frames. The set up is very creative!



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