Thursday, January 21, 2010

Artist Snapshot: Suzanna Bierwirth of Binth

Meet Suzanna Bierwirth of Chicago design house, Binth. I saw her Lincoln Park townhome featured on Martha Stewart's website and immediately Googled her company to see what this stylish lady was all about. I'm never surprised to learn that the people living and working in the beautiful spaces we see on blogs and magazines are actually fabulously creative people. Suzanna is another perfect example. Suzanna and the Binth team specialize in graphic design, illustration, and photography creating beautiful products available to the public. On their website and in stores nationwide, you'll find posters, stationary, calendars, and their best-selling Baby Book, all of which are produced right here in the Midwest. I fell in love with what I saw and am sure you will, as well.

Here is her cozy urban abode from the outside. Each floor is approximately 500 sq. feet so Suzanna has had to get creative with space allocation. i.e. she chose having a dining room instead of living room on the main floor.

The great thing about this room is how the metal accents in the furniture contrast with the wooden ceiling beams. Mixing is always the way to go.

When it comes to kitchens, people, I've got three words: white is right.

The dining room might be my favorite room in the house. The lucite folding chairs, wooden table, oversized cabinet, amazing fireplace display (pictured below), and perfect chandelier make this such a happy space. The abundance of natural light doesn't hurt either.

The coat rack in the entryway is made from old shoe forms; Suzanna found it at an architectural salvage shop. I want to know where I can find this shop!

I don't know what I love most in this picture: the light blue settee with nailhead trim, the charming pillows by Binth, that black and yellow plaid throw, the lucite end table, or the pooch. That is a space done right.

I spy a black wall. Love this bedroom except for the lighting. I like the idea but not the look. But the shutters! Oh how I adore shutters!

Once again - love the wall color in the bathroom and the chandelier. And it would be so easy to change up the decor by switching out the hot pink towels for any other color.

What you see below is a section of her son's bedroom, and I really like this play/workspace for a kid. It's open, uncluttered, and colorful. Buuuuut I do not understand why anyone would place a $250 designer chair in a kid's room - even if money is no object. That adorable artwork, however, hanging above the desk is the Numbers Poster also from Binth.

Here's a selection of some of the beautiful items Binth offers:

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  1. love finding inspiration from real Chicago homes ~ I think having some really white rooms is key when living in small quarters ~ and I love seeing textures and textiles mixed to create an urban elegance!

    Thanks for sharing!

  2. her home is beautiful!! couldn't agree more about the dining room!! great find!

  3. Suzanna's decorating is amazing. I love her use of color. It still has a clean uncluttered look. Would love to see more of her work.

  4. Very cool designs and I LOVE the puppy!

  5. The kitchen and dining rooms are my favorites. I have never been to Chicago, but all of the apartments you feature are so much fun!

  6. This is a cool house, although some of it's a little too modern for me personally. I love the doorstep and I do believe the wall behind her mantle is close to the gray I just painted. Love the bathroom and little boys' room (I definitely agree about that chair!).

    BTW, that house on my blog isn't even in my neighborhood. Wish it was, though.

  7. Glad you posted this home, I've never seen it before! I NEED that coat rack!

  8. This photo shoot was in the now-defunct Blueprint magazine, and I positively adored it. I have some of these shots clipped out and saved in my "idea files." I am a huge fan of the bee artwork and plan on getting my sister something similar for her office when she graduates med school this year. It's science-y, but not in a weird way.

  9. I love it all. And I love that she's teaching her son to appreciate and respect fine things, I'm doing the same.



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